Medical Advanced Predictability

MAP (Medical Advanced Predictability) is a suite of business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that detects clinical events as well as deterioration of chronic and degenerative diseases in advance.

MAP benefits

MAP Allows doctors and clinicians using Medical Decision Support through an artificial intelligence dashboard to improves Clinical workflows and disease control with accuracy up to 91%…

  • Prioritize patient safety.
  • Optimize resource usage.
  • Predict the needs of services.
  • Reduce human errors.
  • Detect risks.
  • Generate patients Ranking risk.

Who needs MAP?

Medical staff

  • Detect Patients Risk.
  • Event alert.
  • Patient safety.

Services Chief

  • Patient prioritization.
  • Quality of service.
  • Real-time service control.

Value Proposition

Business Intelligence

  • Collects data in the cloud.
  • Applies B.I on historical data.
  • Provides practical information to managers and heads of service.

MAP platform

  • Smart hospital dashboard.
  • Resource Optimizer.
  • Activity planner.
  • Scenario simulator.
  • Data tools.
  • Report generator.

IA / Machine learning

  • Clinical and management models.
  • Optimize patient safety.
  • Reduces possible clinical errors.
  • Generates alerts and clinical scores.

MAP Disease

Intelligent solutions specialized in the clinical environment such as the detection of clinical events such as hypoxia and oxygen therapy, as well as deterioration of patients in advance.

MAP Clinical

Advanced solutions for insurance industries for chronic diseases management such as diabetes CHF or COPD.

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