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Advanced Clinical Dashboard

The Future of Integrated Medical Data Management

about acd

Advanced Clinical Dashboard (ACD) leverages technology to enhance medical data management. The integrated platform facilitates the acquisition and normalization of medical data and supports patient care with advanced alarms and alerts. ACD’s Data Visualization Interfaces allow healthcare providers to access both real-time and historical patient information comprehensively.

By employing FHIR data exchange protocols and the OMOP Common Data Model, ACD ensures standardized clinical data.

Our solution

ACD’s robust, multi-modular, and flexible framework is tailored to fulfill the diverse Clinical Data Integration requirements within healthcare facilities. We deliver a broad spectrum of acute care solutions and Intelligent Clinical Dashboards, customized for an array of pathologies and medical specialties.

These solutions are meticulously designed to boost the efficiency of clinical routines within complex healthcare environments.

Dashboards Tailored for Excellence

PAtient Historical and real-time Dashboard

Crafted to empower physicians in their decision-making process, this dashboard contributes to reducing risks and costs across various diseases and medical disciplines.

Multi-Patient Dashboard

Enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple patients, thereby streamlining workflow and enhancing patient care.

Remote Monitoring Dashboard

Opens the gateway to advanced telemedicine, facilitating Post-Surgery Follow-ups, Chronic Disease Management, Rehabilitation, and more, seamlessly integrated into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

clinical benefits

Compatible with any medical equipment, ACD collects critical data for continual care and patient safety.

Through vigilant monitoring and data analysis, ACD assists in superior disease control and treatment outcomes.

ACD’s intelligent alert system provides timely support for medical decisions, promoting patient safety and care satisfaction.

IT Benefits

Improve the processes for accreditation with comprehensive data and analytics support.

Integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for effective control and management of medical devices.

Keeps a close watch on the functioning of medical equipment, ensuring they are operating optimally.

Delve into data with our robust analytics for insightful decisions.

Our commitment to IT interoperability ensures seamless communication across various healthcare IT systems.

Management Benefits

ACD helps in efficient management of costs without compromising the quality of patient care.

Utilize resources to their maximum potential, ensuring a streamlined care process.

By enhancing clinical care, ACD contributes to achieving higher standards in healthcare quality.

By enhancing clinical care, ACD contributes to achieving higher standards in healthcare quality.

Improve the processes for accreditation with comprehensive data and analytics support.

Join us

Embrace the future with Advanced Clinical Dashboard. We invite you to explore how ACD can transform your medical data management and elevate the standard of care you provide. 

Let’s connect and discuss how we can partner on this journey toward medical excellence. Contact us today to learn more about ACD or to schedule a demonstration.


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