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Angel Suite

Pioneering Home Healthcare Solutions

Revolutionizing telehealth, telemedicine and telecare

Angel Technology is at the forefront of transforming home healthcare through our extensive range of telehealth, telemedicine, and telecare solutions. Designed with both individual consumers and businesses in mind, our innovative products seamlessly blend virtual assistant technology, remote patient monitoring, and personalized care plans.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for individuals managing chronic diseases and general healthcare needs, ensuring comfort and convenience right at their homes. Additionally, our Telemedicine programs connect users with a network of expert tele-doctors via the cloud, while our Telecare Home Intelligent services offer meticulous monitoring and management of daily activities for those in need of assistance.

our vision

comprehensive b2c and b2b solutions

With a keen focus on covering the entire spectrum of B2C and B2B requirements, Angel Suite leverages intelligent, cloud-based solutions to deliver personalized and patient-centered medical services. Our approach is designed to tailor the healthcare experience for users worldwide, making Angel Suite a vital partner in the evolving home healthcare landscape.

Unified Platform for Global Healthcare

Angel’s unified platform stands out by offering a diverse range of teleservices to the global patient community, their families, healthcare providers, facilities, and organizations linked to healthcare services.

This comprehensive approach positions Angel as a holistic solution for the growing demands of home healthcare.

Angel Suite Cloud Applications

The Angel Suite of Cloud Applications is adept at catering to a broad array of healthcare needs across both the consumer and business domains. Our goal is to maximize health benefits while reducing risks and costs.

By integrating non-dependent individuals, dependent users, and patients with chronic conditions onto a singular platform, Angel Suite delivers versatile tele-services, facilitating remote healthcare access for a global audience.

Provides Health, Activity, Security and Social Control in Smart Homes using Cloud applications to integrate people’s life activities with relatives and caregivers.

B2C solution targeting Seniors, Athletes, Chronic disease sufferers, and the general public

Allows health providers to offer telehealth programs for chronic diseases using Remote Patient Monitoring for Plan of care execution, and Health condition control through Telehealth Services

B2B solution Home Health practitioners, Insurance HMOs, Cloud Health providers

Integrated Healthcare Delivery and Management

Central to our framework, these modules manage medical procedures, pathology follow-ups, and generate data documentation in CMS standard formats, incorporating a Medical Alert System for data exportation.

Our comprehensive dashboard system aids healthcare professionals in patient care, diagnosis, and follow-up, accessible via multiple devices for utmost convenience.

Ensuring seamless connections to medical devices and information systems, this module supports data integration into EMRs, enhancing service quality and patient safety.

This encompasses Human Resources, Billing, and Statistics and Reporting components, facilitating efficient platform management and insightful analytics.

Innovative Solutions for Home Healthcare

Offers extensive remote monitoring, personal support, and Care Plan management, alongside health education resources for the general population.

Enhances home support with a proactive, interactive virtual assistant, streamlining task automation and interaction.

Harnesses the Angel Technology platform for effortless data collection from a wide range of medical devices.

With Angel Suite, we are committed to redefining home healthcare through advanced technology and personalized care.

Discover how our solutions can transform your healthcare experience by exploring the possibilities that Angel Suite brings to your doorstep.


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